ASDR saves pets from many shelters who are forced to euthanize hundreds of healthy, adoptable pets each year in the Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas areas. Shelters never have enough space for the many unwanted or abused animals that are picked up by animal control or brought to shelters by uncaring owners who just don’t care enough to give the pet that they chose a good home. ASDR assists with rescuing these animals from these shelters, providing vet care and spay/neuter, and then nurtures, trains, and cares for each animal until they can be placed with other rescues or adopted. When you adopt from ASDR you open a spot in one of our foster homes, which enables us to rescue another animal from a euthanization that need never happen if there were more caring, responsible people who could adopt, spay or neuter, and care for these deserving animals for the rest of their lives.